Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Midnight love!!!

Lip to the lip
locking in sin
a sudden desire
moist with whim
exchanging touch
encountering soul
elicit love
sensuous fall
beautiful life
in the misty wind
moments howling
aromatic cling
the faith
the risque
and whisk
righteous move
hide and seek
the midnight moon
the cup and the sip...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday...

photographed by : Shashank

Temple in the morning
peaceful as dove
the prayers 
and the showers of love
neverending phonecalls
the photo frame
and the paint brushes
black forest cake
sent by a friend
the sand of goa 
the shells
and some good wishes
candles blown out
and the birthday song
another year has passed
some right some wrong
many to come
and many to see
before i fall asleep
lem'me sing again
happy birthday to me...


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful moments...

Photographed by: Shashank

The coffee evenings
vivid brown
the top of a hill
and the dusky town!
a nook at the temple
numb lips
chatting souls
and the beautiful echo
of the silence!
the rusted Gerbera
in the pages
of my life
a close friend
than my diary!
the scooter stand
a pillion on my bike
the bloody orange
the silent tear
and an idiot mind!
trivial moments
the closeness
the unconditional knot!
the coffee shop
and the other side
of the table!
all the times
I miss you...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Photographed by: Shashank

How happy I am,

in the blue lagoon,
sleeping in the space,
walking on the moon,
nothing to cry for,
nothing to fear,
nothing to worry about,
no dirt, no smear,
it’s been this way,
since the day I died,
I haven’t laughed,
I haven’t cried,
I wish I could,
stay some more time,
with my kin and folks,
in the life-time,
to laugh to cry,
in the spirit lane,
to smell the wind,
to feel the rain,
I miss that life,
love so rife,
now here I am,
in my Afterlife!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The first love of my life!

Like I always do,
I was leaving again,
Like never before,
She was crying in pain!

Had no choice
but to depart,
and leave away
the weeping heart!

The tears in the heart,
ail in the core,
bratty from the face,
inside gored!

Forging the face,
choking in the heart,
feeling dissipated,
I could say no word!

Holding my breath,
looking in her eyes,
I gave her a hug,
and more she cried!

With least desire,
I had to leave,
lots of pain
and lots of grief!

Alas, I could stay,
to make her smile,
but you aren’t that lucky
always in your life!

The words I missed,
I never said to you,
I bear in my core,
the color of you!

The birth and the bliss,
I opened my eyes,
I fell in love,
with a beautiful surprise!

No timidity,
no strife,
you’re the first love,
of my life!

Every breath, every moment,
today and forever,
I’ll love you evermore,
oh my dear Mother!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

My Sweet November...

The sinful days,

you and I!

The chaffer evenings,

the winter's sigh!!

The filter coffee,

the long drives in the nights!

The mist on the road,

the fog in the eyes!!

Sitting by the fire,

the melting hearts!

The numb lips,

the eyes full of words!!

The blanket,

and the fighting toes!

Your purple guitar,

and the musical flaws!!

My dear November,

and you resting

on my shoulder!

Yet the time goes,

I remember!

The little dreams,

and my sweet November!!

From the laughs,

to the blues!

Your hair clip,

and our pair of shoes!!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Life with you...

Her giggles and blushes,

the flirts and the mushes!

Her sweet smile,

millions of life in a little while!

The eternal purity,

the love and the surety!

I just accepted,

and she cried!

Tough as a life,

I almost died!!

Didn’t know what happened,

the drops rolled off!

The two souls cried,

in acceptance for a while!

The lovely silence,

and the lovely agile!

I wish I knew,

What made her cry!

Why that drops,

came off her eyes!

I wanna say this to you!

Never cry, Oh dear!

I will always be here!

To hold your hand,

to make you smile!

To greet you love,

to live all the while!

The bliss of your touch,

felicity on a par!

The life will be ravishing,

as beautiful you're…


Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost in translation...

The bizarre herd,

the morning horn,

the ramble walk,

the squalling dawn,

the chasing mouse,

the tapping sound,

the jungle of keys,

the scrabble around,

the ringing phone,

the chat room,

the waiting mail,

the ironical noon,

the reckoning mind,

the toiling soul,

the riling wind,

the tedious crawl,

the deaf ears,

the euphony,

the shrinking eyes,

the scream & agony,

the lost destiny,

walked unknown,

the undesired,

the dark has grown,

missed to miss,

no time for love,

the restless heart,

beyond and above,

at the crossroad,

on the run,

life again,

lost in translation...


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the bridge with a beer...

The tear in the eyes,

walking in the rain,

the naked truth,

the barren pain!

The wounded road,

the dark sky,

the missing life,

the mystic cry!

No arms to hold,

no eyes to wait,

call it love,

or call it fate!

The cease of the time,

the silence of the breeze,

the lost destiny,

the killing freeze!

Faded apart,

with dirt and smear,

walking in the rain,

on the bridge with a beer…


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Beggar on the road!

Life is me and Life is you,

sometimes fake and sometimes true!

The one on the side of the road,

the beggar he looks, but he is a god!

He fights the odds, you see him mime,

better than us, he knows to rhyme!

To beg or die, he has a choice,

he chose to live and keeps the poise!

but when it ends and when he die,

I say he won, the battle of life!!!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Moment of Truth!!!

The other day when I was walking across the bridge, I had a strange feeling. I left her into tears once again and walked out. What else I could have done! After all, I do this all for her, for us, for our life! I love her more than anything else in my life, isn’t that enough! What does she do this all the time! Why can’t she understand that I was busy in my work, she is not a kid anymore! I was going through all these miserable thoughts, the frequent ones now-a-days when this little girl bumped in front of me – “Oh! I am Sorry! Wow, you have such a beautiful tie!” With a surprise and a smile on my face, I responded “That’s ok my child! And thank you very much!” “You are welcome – say my Hello to your beautiful wife – bye” and she left. Sigh! Wow, what was that! The 5 year old little girl touched the right nods of my mood. She made me smile and left. But, how did she know that I am married and my wife is beautiful? She must have seen us somewhere! Or was that just her gratitude! Whatever, but it was a lovely experience! May be a much needed one! That was bliss – you can call it an eye opener for me as well! She just made me feel good when I was feeling miserable about myself! Something that I forgot to do in my life a lot many times!

I forgot to find happiness in what I had. I forgot to acknowledge a good work, because it was just a normal work for me! I forgot to make her smile when she was upset. I forgot to make her realize how beautiful she looks when she smiles! I forgot to say “I love you, sweetheart” when she wanted to hear it the most! I forgot to be her confidence, her happiness, her life – I forgot to be myself. I forgot to say “You have such a beautiful tie”! I forgot to do the obvious things! I forgot to realize that the life is not just about completing all the future plans right on time and go ahead with the next one, but it is about finding happiness in what we have!

A small note of gratitude makes you feel so good at times when you are low! The only thing we need at that moment is a little love and some care from our dear ones! How often we do that? I believe most of us do not have time for it! We are so busy in running ahead in life that we forget to spread smile and live a monotonous life!

We all do this mistake; we forget to do things when they really matter a lot to our loved ones! May be, because we think them to be too small to mention or just too obvious. Small things, that matter so much. Life is a great mystery which all of us fail to understand. We decide to be perfect in our lives, start running for it and soon we end up as a participant of a big, never ending rat race, where we all want to live a perfect life, where every small rat tries to run behind a big rat to grow like it. The ones who get tired out of it either get eaten up by the other ones or die on their own. On the other hand, the ones who are ahead, they start trying to make the world around them change and be like them; but the point is, do we really want to be rat? At least not me!

When I entered this rat race, I became so busy in my goal oriented, patterned, well planned life that I forgot to realize that I have another life as well. The one where the roses matters more than money, the one where small words can bring smile on faces I love. The one, where people and relations matter more than things. The one where I get drenched in rain and do silly things. The one where I lose a game to her and still feel happy. The one where I sing, I dance, I romance! The one where, like the way Seth said in City of Angels, I could say "I would rather have one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it!" Where I could live in love! Where I could be myself!

I don’t want to be a rat anymore! That’s not my race. I don’t want to be perfect either! I am imperfect and I guess that is what keeps me human. I want to be happy now. I want to fall in love every moment of my life! I guess, I still have time! I know what I need to do to start with! Let me call her up and let her know how much I love her!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sins of Life!!!

The Sins I do all the day,

I talk to myself over night,

The dreams I see with open eyes,

The sleep is away out of sight!

The run of life, I keep on fallin,

I break my knees, I keep on crawlin!

it's a game that I'm supposed to win,

I do it right or I do a Sin!

No matter what I do to it,

I wont sleep, I wont weep!

The Sins I do all the day,

I call it life, and that is it!!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's me!!!

The rules are owned,

self defined, 

Stubborn as a bull,

made up the mind,

strong, determined,

to climb the heap, 

the dream on the top,

a lot to reap,

I love I hate,

Cheat and lie,

numb to the world,

but fear sometimes,

dry as a desert,

dead as a sea,

sharp at the edge,

unbridled to be free,

silent to kill, 

speak to fly,

I want it, I get it,

I have always been this,

I'll stay the same,

You love or hate,

I'll be a name...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I may not always be with you,

but let me honest and let me be true,

As long as the stars are there in the sky,

I wont let this love die,

now, you may have walked away,

but where I am, I'll always stay,

the thousand of life we have spent together,

will remain alive in my world forever....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

God is Near!!!

At the dusk of the day,

With a smile on my face,

glazing like a moon,

Resting is the haze!

Wake up, Wake up,

Shall bear no fear,

Wake up, Wake up,

The God is near!!! 


Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm your Genie!!!

I granted your wishes,

it's time to rest,

I gave all I could,

you have the best,

Sitting in desire,

waiting for next,

the one who arrives,

and asks for the best,

I'm ready to enlight,

one more mind,

to relinquish the destiny,

the devil enshrined,

waiting to revamp,

I'm your genie in my lamp!!!

bring me out,

cherish your life,

I'll grant your wishes,

and let you Jive!!!