Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday...

photographed by : Shashank

Temple in the morning
peaceful as dove
the prayers 
and the showers of love
neverending phonecalls
the photo frame
and the paint brushes
black forest cake
sent by a friend
the sand of goa 
the shells
and some good wishes
candles blown out
and the birthday song
another year has passed
some right some wrong
many to come
and many to see
before i fall asleep
lem'me sing again
happy birthday to me...



usha said...

happy birthday Shashank!!!

geetika said...

wow... nw really i don knw wat else to write..hats off to ur creativity!!!

Susan Deborah said...

How nicely the birthday song was sung by you to you.

Has anything changed now that you are a year older than last month?

Shashank Shekhar said...

Hey Susan, good to see your comment.

There are millions of ppl in this world who wish you Happy Birthday. For me, the real joy is when I want to wish myself a "happy" birthday! The moment when i am calm, self contained and thinking whether I did justice to the last year or not, whether I was successful in being a good human being! The wish that really matters to me! I am glad that I could sing for myself a "happy" birthday song!

Things have not changed as such, everything's same except for the feeling that I am much closer now to the goals that I have set for myself. I know they are endless, but they are there and I will always try to get them, one after the other!!! :)

Shas said...

Happy B'day!!
On reading your poem i felt as if blessings were falling (pouring) on you like snow flakes.
Wish you the choicest joys of life to you!!

Am following you, thats my b'day gift to you. Hope you will like it.

Shashank Shekhar said...

Thanks a lot! :)

Mou said...

i related to this poem very very wonderfully, coz it was my birthday yesterday... and i loved wishing myself this time more than ever.

oh btw...
belated happy birthday ! was it on 11th nov?

Shashank Shekhar said...

ohh!!! Belated birthday wishes to you :) Yes, it was on 11th!!

Mishree said...

superbly written.i am 24,and my contemporaries sometimes wail about growing old,but i still want my birthdays to be my mind i am still a five year old,waking up to my birthday at midnight and then recording each moment of the day,in a book or in my mind or on film,just for keepsakes.and I think that is how it should be,no?why let the child in you die?