Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday...

photographed by : Shashank

Temple in the morning
peaceful as dove
the prayers 
and the showers of love
neverending phonecalls
the photo frame
and the paint brushes
black forest cake
sent by a friend
the sand of goa 
the shells
and some good wishes
candles blown out
and the birthday song
another year has passed
some right some wrong
many to come
and many to see
before i fall asleep
lem'me sing again
happy birthday to me...


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful moments...

Photographed by: Shashank

The coffee evenings
vivid brown
the top of a hill
and the dusky town!
a nook at the temple
numb lips
chatting souls
and the beautiful echo
of the silence!
the rusted Gerbera
in the pages
of my life
a close friend
than my diary!
the scooter stand
a pillion on my bike
the bloody orange
the silent tear
and an idiot mind!
trivial moments
the closeness
the unconditional knot!
the coffee shop
and the other side
of the table!
all the times
I miss you...