Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful moments...

Photographed by: Shashank

The coffee evenings
vivid brown
the top of a hill
and the dusky town!
a nook at the temple
numb lips
chatting souls
and the beautiful echo
of the silence!
the rusted Gerbera
in the pages
of my life
a close friend
than my diary!
the scooter stand
a pillion on my bike
the bloody orange
the silent tear
and an idiot mind!
trivial moments
the closeness
the unconditional knot!
the coffee shop
and the other side
of the table!
all the times
I miss you...



notforsale said...

loved this one! its been soo long since i did this, get out of blore and have coffee at some hilltop!

thye pic is very nice as well :)

dev said...

Hi Shashank,

its good..though while reading ur short story and seeping coffee. i was left by my little sharing this : (Just came out of my abstract mind)

Sitting here at my computer
I was drinking a cup of brew.
Reading what you’ve written
is a dangerous thing to do.

I tipped my cup so carefully
and savored my hot caffeine,
when I read the thing you wrote about
I nearly totaled my poor spleen.

My cubicle was filled with spittle,
my keyboard shot a spark,
my fuses blew, the monitor too,
and I was sitting in total dark.

That funny poem you posted
erupted me into a laugh.
From this spill, you’ll get my bill
for the electrocardiograph!

To get me up and online again
I worked for nearly a day.
Oh, I’m still drinking my testing doc…
with a straw, that’s the only way to go....


Shashank Shekhar said...

thank you both of you :)

Shas said...

Brewing thoughts with a hot cuppa of coffee.
Enjoyed reading it.

@ Dev, quite an electrifying comment.

Shas said...

Lovely pic. So, there's a photographer in you.
Keep going!!!
Happy blogging!

Shashank Shekhar said...

Thanks Shas!!! Soon going to publish a photography blog!!!

Shas said...

Wow! that shall be a treat for me coz even i love photography. Why don't you create an account on flickr as well.

Shashank Shekhar said...

Shas, I have actually published a blog already. You can find it at:

Hope you like it

Mou said...

good one. :)

saw ur blog on photography... didnt get into details, just had a scroll down. seemed nice. will get bak to that properly.

Shashank Shekhar said...

Sure Mou!!! Thanks!!!:)

the feeling lioness said...