Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Photographed by: Shashank

How happy I am,

in the blue lagoon,
sleeping in the space,
walking on the moon,
nothing to cry for,
nothing to fear,
nothing to worry about,
no dirt, no smear,
it’s been this way,
since the day I died,
I haven’t laughed,
I haven’t cried,
I wish I could,
stay some more time,
with my kin and folks,
in the life-time,
to laugh to cry,
in the spirit lane,
to smell the wind,
to feel the rain,
I miss that life,
love so rife,
now here I am,
in my Afterlife!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The first love of my life!

Like I always do,
I was leaving again,
Like never before,
She was crying in pain!

Had no choice
but to depart,
and leave away
the weeping heart!

The tears in the heart,
ail in the core,
bratty from the face,
inside gored!

Forging the face,
choking in the heart,
feeling dissipated,
I could say no word!

Holding my breath,
looking in her eyes,
I gave her a hug,
and more she cried!

With least desire,
I had to leave,
lots of pain
and lots of grief!

Alas, I could stay,
to make her smile,
but you aren’t that lucky
always in your life!

The words I missed,
I never said to you,
I bear in my core,
the color of you!

The birth and the bliss,
I opened my eyes,
I fell in love,
with a beautiful surprise!

No timidity,
no strife,
you’re the first love,
of my life!

Every breath, every moment,
today and forever,
I’ll love you evermore,
oh my dear Mother!!!