Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm your Genie!!!

I granted your wishes,

it's time to rest,

I gave all I could,

you have the best,

Sitting in desire,

waiting for next,

the one who arrives,

and asks for the best,

I'm ready to enlight,

one more mind,

to relinquish the destiny,

the devil enshrined,

waiting to revamp,

I'm your genie in my lamp!!!

bring me out,

cherish your life,

I'll grant your wishes,

and let you Jive!!!


Here I Go!!!

At the sunset point,

when I felt like a hole!

Hapless searching,

missing my soul!!

I saw this bird,

burning down her skin!

Melting into the ashes,

shedding all her sins!!

I was stuck, so I felt,

why shouldn't, I also melt!!

Then she rose,

like the fresh air!

Rising from the ashes,

Phoenix flair!!

Going so high,

in the sky!

Once again to fight,

the odds of the life!!!

I didn't want to remain stuck, so I realized,

Why shouldn't, I also rise!!!

Burnt down the old,

I moved on!

I am not stuck anymore,

The life is ON!!

It was never about life,

It was never about you!

It was always me,

and that is true!!

Jovial as blood,

I have to flow!

Watch out Oh! World,

Here I go!!!!


The Dream!!!

Dark were the days,

but they are gone!

I could see the sunshine

of the new dawn!!

The moment has arrived,

the dark night has gone!

I could see the hands rising,

the life is, now, on!!

I could see the sun rising,

I could see the clear sky!

I could see my clear thoughts,

I could see you smile!!

Alas, this becomes true!

Like my eyes saw this,

Your eyes see it too!!!


I met her!!!

I met her – that was the best thing which has ever happened to me. I’ve heard it so many times that people fall in love. But this never happened to me. I never fell. I felt like as if I am rising, rinsing very high. It felt great.
I was in my college when I met my life for the first time. That was like a magnetic moment and I tried to repel it as much as possible. Not sure when, but very soon we were good friends, rather say best friends. She became my strength then fear and then suddenly she took over everything and became my life. That was the time when I started rising – very high!!!

Sooner I was in the struggle for a job. Either I was dumb enough to not get a job or the employer didn’t want anything that better. My life said – I believe in you, you are the best! Not sure if the employer somehow got to know about it, I got a job – good enough to keep me and my life happy about it.

Life flourished – love nourished. We came closer to each other. That was the time we were walking across the beach holding each other’s arm, sharing the same coffee, doing anything to see each other, celebrating valentine, singing romantic songs, falling in love – rising in love!!! I can never forget that cute smile; I could do anything for that smile! I can never forget that shy giggle when I hugged her! I can never forget the spirit, the spirit of love which she brought in me!

Time was very crucial at that stage. I was just managing it somehow, as usual. The only thing which kept my spirit high was my life. You never walk across a dry and clean street every time. Even I did not. This time it was wet enough to drench me completely. I could see my life going away from me and could do nothing. I wear power glasses so I never use to wear sunglasses. That day, too, I could not realize that it was going wrong! Or may be I realized and thought that my life will handle it this time, yet again!

I was planning for a big flight. I was planning for a big surprise for my life. I was planning to get everything settled. The ground was all set, I was about to take off when I realized that my life was no more with me. May be, I was just too late. It all happened in front of me and I could not do anything else that smiling to my fate! I had no idea what would bring that cute smile back. She wanted to go and I let her do that. I thought that is what my life wants, let it happen! My life chose to move on!

I have a bad habit of revisiting the day before I sleep! I did that and I never had my eyes so much loaded! It was just unbearable! But I had to let it happen. I never lived without my life until then from the time I met her. This was the first time I had a lot of time, this time I was not running out of time! I had plenty of time to cry and celebrate!

My life was no more with me! But I was breathing. Every moment proved to be the most difficult moment of my life. I saw a dry street and started moving on that. I realized after a few steps that I was falling! I was falling in love with my life every moment! I sooner realized that my life was my passion and that was the best feeling I had! Feeling can never die, neither mine did! It started increasing in me. I started rising again. Not sure if the time was right, as usual! But the fact that I loved my life was something which really made me feel high on spirit! She was not there but still she was inspiring me!

I wanted to see her happy! Everyone wants that, everyone wants to keep their life happy! And that is what we want from our life! We want to keep ourselves happy. For me, it’s all about my life! It’s all about – “what I want from my life!”

It has been many years now! I still walk on the same street just to see her once. I can never forget that cute smile! I still stir the coffee with sugar before I add milk; I still sing those songs and think that she would be listening somewhere; I still believe that someday “My life would say – I believe in you, you are the best!”  I still close my eyes - stretch my arms and that brings smile on my face! I love my life!!! 



Probably, that was an Armageddon!!! I nearly died. I don't know what made me survive. May be I was too tough to die or may be what I thought as the end of everything was just a beginning. Whatever it was, it shook my nerves. When I actually thought of reviving, I started searching for an angel or a god who will say "TATHASTU" and everything will become alright. Unfortunately, rather fortunately, I didn't find anyone like that. The god wasn't around this time, at least I was not able to see him (I have a bad eye sight, but I am sure that was not the reason I didn't find him).
That was the time when I lost trust in almost everyone. The only one who never went apart was my inner self. Somewhere inside, it still believed in me. When I asked my inner self what I should do, I got my answer, the right one. I initially used to think that I was a perfect person. There are moments in life when you realize the right things at the right time. I realized that being perfect was my perception of a bunch of things. Actually, I was never a perfect person. I was a human and the thing that kept me human was my imperfection. Now was the time to decide, if I wanted to remain a human or turn into a Divine! I have decided it!!!
I feel free now! I was a god, it was always me! I felt I was strong and this made me realize how weak I was! Weak, but not dead! I still live, I still thrive! Trust me, I will survive! "TATHASTU"!!!

Whether shoot me,
Or burn my world,
I will not die,
I will never die!!
Whatever you do,
I will thrive!
I don't have to die,
I will survive!!
You kill me,
I'll revive!
I will not die,
I will never die!!!


I Wish I Could!!!

The shine, the whine,

The sweet sounds on the wind chime....

The love, the care,

The truth and the dare...

The tears, the emotions,

The never ending passion...

The hugs, the kiss,

The beautiful bliss...

The walk on the beach...

The universe within the reach...

The wrongs and the rights,

The blacks and the whites...

That sweet smile,

Those wonderful days,

The dimples dazzling on her face...

I wish, I could bring them back...

I wish I could rhyme...

I wish, I could breathe that air for one last time... 


My Reverie!!!

As this time passes by,

and we'll walk away n say good bye,

My eyes open to the innocent blue sky,

and the moon so silent over the world so high...

will say, you lost your reverie, my child!!!

With a smile on my face,

and a trust within,

to the moon I'll say...

right beneath my heart, my soul,

she is still here in my core...

when I want to see my reverie,

I close my eyes, and there she is....