Saturday, October 19, 2013

Do I...

It's been ages
I slipped
through the night
with my favourite
the moon
and the light

when the wind
stood still
and watched
me gaze
the darkness
and the sight

and today,
the canvas
my pencil
the broken thoughts
and the moon too

do I still write
and smear
the charcoal
that made
my world

yes I do 
and the thoughts 
they still 
my world


Monday, July 16, 2012

today, I'll paint...

~Photographed by: Shashank~

A little more time
and I’ll paint 
the red in hue
in which 
we lived
the dreams
that struggled
I’ll paint
in Prussian blue!

the night
that grew
in trance
and the moon
through the chime
I’ll paint it dark
the yellow
that left
me bleed
the orange mark!

the tear
that rolled
in indigo
the sienna
of sand
in ochre
and soil
I let you go!

the vermilion
I lost
and the canvas
and you
I’ll paint
I’ll paint them all
a little more time
and I’ll paint you…


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy, Stupid, Love...

~Photographed By: Shashank~

The road holds
and you pass by
stoned soul
without an ire

You scroll on
with no guilt
shameless hopes
and desire

while I cried
in my sting
your love
burnt in your fire

You just wanted to hold
me in your arms
I just wanted to be
with your desire

However they are
I promise you this
it aint over
it aint a dire
It aint enough

It may be stupid
It may be crazy
It may be me
and it may be
the crazy stupid love...


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beautiful as ever...

~Photographed by: Shashank~

I stood by the stream,
watching you flow,
in the fear, with the pain,
and you go,
shattered and bare,
shamelessly, unharmed,
beautiful as ever...


Monday, June 13, 2011

Bland and Hue!!!

In a waxed mind
a little occupied
in the morning bliss
with a sour kiss

the bland brush
on the blank as ever
the canvas on the bed
and a pinch of red

I paint you blue
I bring you hue
yet you're bland
that I never planned

Crimson and green
deep within
thurst to vie
the tears cry

the bottle of wine
will settle so fine
the bland will glow
vermilion and yellow

I'll paint it so deep
saturate and reap
so it never resign
just glow and shine

bland no more
my colorful canvas
Crimson red, Prussian blue
vivid green, yellow
and a bottle of wine...


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Horologe!!!

~Photographed by: Shashank~

That day, 
from the open doors,
you walked away,
in my little while,
in a hope,
to see you,
again, to walk,
on the other side,
while you,
walk your life,
I waited!

that day,
with the dry eyes,
and grief,
in a hope,
that roads will turn,
and someday,
you'll return,
to let me walk,
on the other side,
while you,
walk your life,
I waited!!

that day,
may be,
I wasn't loud,
may be, 
I didn’t
even say,
you walked away,
may be, 
I didn’t cry,
but in my little while,
like the sand,
in the horologe,
I waited!!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little bit about us!

~Photographed by: Shashank~

The chirping,
and the breeze,
early, in the morning,
the carefree thing,
unwinding, unlacing,
the toe fight,
and her smile!

like a picture,
a hue of desperation,
the inertia,
elicited within,
eyes awestruck,
in wonder,
at her, 
gaping, my eyes!

the blissfulness,
of life,
the redolence,
like the lily,
and the roses,
blended within!

in the silence,
I whisper,
a little bit about us,
a little bit about me,
and a little bit about her!!!


Friday, April 30, 2010

Last night!

~Photographed by - Shashank~

last night,
it rained,
for a while, 
in sleep,
agonized, sightless, 
eyes dried!!

last night,
I had a dream,
on the crossroad,
standing still,
thoughtless, aimless,
I screamed!

last night,
I walked,
alone, together
with the wind,
thoughtful, sleepless,
and quite!

last night,
I read,
life, for a while,
unfolding with me,
any other night!

last night,
I didn’t rush,
I stayed,

last night,
I cried!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life n Death!

~Photographed by: Shashank~

Wet as life,
dry as death,
be it evil,
or be it Seth!
cry in the sand,
and sing in the snow,

here I come and here I go!!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Midnight love!!!

Lip to the lip
locking in sin
a sudden desire
moist with whim
exchanging touch
encountering soul
elicit love
sensuous fall
beautiful life
in the misty wind
moments howling
aromatic cling
the faith
the risque
and whisk
righteous move
hide and seek
the midnight moon
the cup and the sip...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday...

photographed by : Shashank

Temple in the morning
peaceful as dove
the prayers 
and the showers of love
neverending phonecalls
the photo frame
and the paint brushes
black forest cake
sent by a friend
the sand of goa 
the shells
and some good wishes
candles blown out
and the birthday song
another year has passed
some right some wrong
many to come
and many to see
before i fall asleep
lem'me sing again
happy birthday to me...


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful moments...

Photographed by: Shashank

The coffee evenings
vivid brown
the top of a hill
and the dusky town!
a nook at the temple
numb lips
chatting souls
and the beautiful echo
of the silence!
the rusted Gerbera
in the pages
of my life
a close friend
than my diary!
the scooter stand
a pillion on my bike
the bloody orange
the silent tear
and an idiot mind!
trivial moments
the closeness
the unconditional knot!
the coffee shop
and the other side
of the table!
all the times
I miss you...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Photographed by: Shashank

How happy I am,

in the blue lagoon,
sleeping in the space,
walking on the moon,
nothing to cry for,
nothing to fear,
nothing to worry about,
no dirt, no smear,
it’s been this way,
since the day I died,
I haven’t laughed,
I haven’t cried,
I wish I could,
stay some more time,
with my kin and folks,
in the life-time,
to laugh to cry,
in the spirit lane,
to smell the wind,
to feel the rain,
I miss that life,
love so rife,
now here I am,
in my Afterlife!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The first love of my life!

Like I always do,
I was leaving again,
Like never before,
She was crying in pain!

Had no choice
but to depart,
and leave away
the weeping heart!

The tears in the heart,
ail in the core,
bratty from the face,
inside gored!

Forging the face,
choking in the heart,
feeling dissipated,
I could say no word!

Holding my breath,
looking in her eyes,
I gave her a hug,
and more she cried!

With least desire,
I had to leave,
lots of pain
and lots of grief!

Alas, I could stay,
to make her smile,
but you aren’t that lucky
always in your life!

The words I missed,
I never said to you,
I bear in my core,
the color of you!

The birth and the bliss,
I opened my eyes,
I fell in love,
with a beautiful surprise!

No timidity,
no strife,
you’re the first love,
of my life!

Every breath, every moment,
today and forever,
I’ll love you evermore,
oh my dear Mother!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

My Sweet November...

The sinful days,

you and I!

The chaffer evenings,

the winter's sigh!!

The filter coffee,

the long drives in the nights!

The mist on the road,

the fog in the eyes!!

Sitting by the fire,

the melting hearts!

The numb lips,

the eyes full of words!!

The blanket,

and the fighting toes!

Your purple guitar,

and the musical flaws!!

My dear November,

and you resting

on my shoulder!

Yet the time goes,

I remember!

The little dreams,

and my sweet November!!

From the laughs,

to the blues!

Your hair clip,

and our pair of shoes!!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Life with you...

Her giggles and blushes,

the flirts and the mushes!

Her sweet smile,

millions of life in a little while!

The eternal purity,

the love and the surety!

I just accepted,

and she cried!

Tough as a life,

I almost died!!

Didn’t know what happened,

the drops rolled off!

The two souls cried,

in acceptance for a while!

The lovely silence,

and the lovely agile!

I wish I knew,

What made her cry!

Why that drops,

came off her eyes!

I wanna say this to you!

Never cry, Oh dear!

I will always be here!

To hold your hand,

to make you smile!

To greet you love,

to live all the while!

The bliss of your touch,

felicity on a par!

The life will be ravishing,

as beautiful you're…


Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost in translation...

The bizarre herd,

the morning horn,

the ramble walk,

the squalling dawn,

the chasing mouse,

the tapping sound,

the jungle of keys,

the scrabble around,

the ringing phone,

the chat room,

the waiting mail,

the ironical noon,

the reckoning mind,

the toiling soul,

the riling wind,

the tedious crawl,

the deaf ears,

the euphony,

the shrinking eyes,

the scream & agony,

the lost destiny,

walked unknown,

the undesired,

the dark has grown,

missed to miss,

no time for love,

the restless heart,

beyond and above,

at the crossroad,

on the run,

life again,

lost in translation...