Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little bit about us!

~Photographed by: Shashank~

The chirping,
and the breeze,
early, in the morning,
the carefree thing,
unwinding, unlacing,
the toe fight,
and her smile!

like a picture,
a hue of desperation,
the inertia,
elicited within,
eyes awestruck,
in wonder,
at her, 
gaping, my eyes!

the blissfulness,
of life,
the redolence,
like the lily,
and the roses,
blended within!

in the silence,
I whisper,
a little bit about us,
a little bit about me,
and a little bit about her!!!



usha said...

Nice one..

Pooja said...

Beautiful thought...

sandeep said...


Shas said...

Wonderful. As fresh as those dew drops on that leaf.

geetika said...

Wow..its too good:)u write real well!!!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Mishree said...

Hi Shashank,

just chanced upon ur blog.very impressed.all the best!


mou said...

a nice piece

Anonymous said...

beautiful... I envy you sometimes for such words. :)