Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Horologe!!!

~Photographed by: Shashank~

That day, 
from the open doors,
you walked away,
in my little while,
in a hope,
to see you,
again, to walk,
on the other side,
while you,
walk your life,
I waited!

that day,
with the dry eyes,
and grief,
in a hope,
that roads will turn,
and someday,
you'll return,
to let me walk,
on the other side,
while you,
walk your life,
I waited!!

that day,
may be,
I wasn't loud,
may be, 
I didn’t
even say,
you walked away,
may be, 
I didn’t cry,
but in my little while,
like the sand,
in the horologe,
I waited!!!



Anonymous said...

Nice !!


Susan Deborah said...

Welcome again Mr. Shashank!!! Finally a post graces our dashboard. Hope you remember me :) And what a post for a comeback. Like the persona who waited, we did for your posts as well.

Joy always,

Divya said...

Who were you waiting for? :)

Shas said...

Hi! Welcome back!!!!
It was nice to see ur update after a long time. Hope things r fine at ur end n you will not disappear again. Beautiful composition mirroring anguish n pain.
Keep writing!!

Geetika said...

Simply Beautiful!!!!! Simple and yet so deep.. loved it!!!

Geetika said...

Simply beautiful!!! It's so simple yet so deep.... loved it!!

usha said...

Nice one Shashank :)

R.K.Rao said...

..Awesome Write :)

Shashank Shekhar said...

@Susan: Thanks a bunch. I'll try to be regular now.

@Divya: Who do you think the person was waiting for?

@Shas: Glad to see your comment. Things are perfect and I hope to make them better.

@Geetika, Usha, R.K.Rao: Thanks a lot!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely. :)
Dont keep waiting... it isnt worth it *wink*