Monday, June 13, 2011

Bland and Hue!!!

In a waxed mind
a little occupied
in the morning bliss
with a sour kiss

the bland brush
on the blank as ever
the canvas on the bed
and a pinch of red

I paint you blue
I bring you hue
yet you're bland
that I never planned

Crimson and green
deep within
thurst to vie
the tears cry

the bottle of wine
will settle so fine
the bland will glow
vermilion and yellow

I'll paint it so deep
saturate and reap
so it never resign
just glow and shine

bland no more
my colorful canvas
Crimson red, Prussian blue
vivid green, yellow
and a bottle of wine...


1 comment:

Sh@s said...

Hi! Shashank,
Nice to see you back. Thats a lovely painting and fitting lines.