Friday, August 21, 2009

Life with you...

Her giggles and blushes,

the flirts and the mushes!

Her sweet smile,

millions of life in a little while!

The eternal purity,

the love and the surety!

I just accepted,

and she cried!

Tough as a life,

I almost died!!

Didn’t know what happened,

the drops rolled off!

The two souls cried,

in acceptance for a while!

The lovely silence,

and the lovely agile!

I wish I knew,

What made her cry!

Why that drops,

came off her eyes!

I wanna say this to you!

Never cry, Oh dear!

I will always be here!

To hold your hand,

to make you smile!

To greet you love,

to live all the while!

The bliss of your touch,

felicity on a par!

The life will be ravishing,

as beautiful you're…


Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost in translation...

The bizarre herd,

the morning horn,

the ramble walk,

the squalling dawn,

the chasing mouse,

the tapping sound,

the jungle of keys,

the scrabble around,

the ringing phone,

the chat room,

the waiting mail,

the ironical noon,

the reckoning mind,

the toiling soul,

the riling wind,

the tedious crawl,

the deaf ears,

the euphony,

the shrinking eyes,

the scream & agony,

the lost destiny,

walked unknown,

the undesired,

the dark has grown,

missed to miss,

no time for love,

the restless heart,

beyond and above,

at the crossroad,

on the run,

life again,

lost in translation...


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the bridge with a beer...

The tear in the eyes,

walking in the rain,

the naked truth,

the barren pain!

The wounded road,

the dark sky,

the missing life,

the mystic cry!

No arms to hold,

no eyes to wait,

call it love,

or call it fate!

The cease of the time,

the silence of the breeze,

the lost destiny,

the killing freeze!

Faded apart,

with dirt and smear,

walking in the rain,

on the bridge with a beer…